Investor Tip

Investor Tip

Investor Tip
By Jeff Jensen

As investors, we’re always going to start with whatever we have the lease of first, right? For example in a fast moving real estate market we begin with the property. There are fewer good deals and we understand that when we find a good deal we will be able to cut it loose quickly. In a fast moving market buyers are plentiful and can easily be found virtually anyplace. In this type of market 10% below value may be considered a “Killer Deal”, many homes sell at market value and above.
In a slow market like what we are currently experiencing, things are just the opposite. Property are everywhere and buyers are scarce. Now that the “Financial Belts” have been tightened over the last 1 ½ years, it is even more difficult to find buyers because fewer people can qualify for a home loan. Knowing that this is the case for most of us right now, we must begin by building a list of buyers. We say this because no one wants to go out and pick up a property that you will get stuck making payments on for the next 6 months.
To avoid that last situation entirely, begin building your list of buyers first. This is the same direction we give to all the Success Academy students. Building the buyers list will allow you to be much more effective and efficient. Once you know what a buyer is looking for, you can go out and focus your attention only on that type of property. There are so many properties listed for sale right now that just going out to find a “Good Deal” without a buyer already lined up will waist a ton of time and get you extremely frustrated. Again focus on the buyers first to ensure that your time is well spent and this will propel you into that next deal regardless of whether you’re using Fast Cash, Cash flow or Buy and hold strategies.
We wish you well on your next deal.
Jeff Jensen


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Thanks for the tip and the insight for building a buyer's list. The more buyers we have the quicker we should be able to turn our deals. The better deals we can put together the more buyers we can add to our list. Thank you for taking the time to explain the cycles of the market and how that affects buyers. It really made me think about the cyclesand what strategies are needed at that specific time. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Joe Jurek CPA

Thank Jeff

Jeff Thanks For the Tip...

This Is what I needed to read right now...

God Bless

jeff great advice !!

i wish i had taken that advice sooner.i have a property locked up and time is running out for me. i may need to get an extension BECAUSE i did not heed the advice you have offered. i locked one up and dont have a major buyers list first. i am still working on that but have worked the plan a little backwords on this one. now i am trying to get a loan to purchase this as it is a cash flow property that i could hold for long term. thanks for reminding me jeff!! great advice i can attest to that!!!


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need to sell ?
Need me to FINANCE a home ?

Thanks Jeff!

I hope everyone pays attention! I did not focus heavily on this either as I always related it to bird-dogging and assigning, and I am focused on flipping and buy/hold. But I see where it is a valuable resource in all strategies, so thanks for posting and reminding us all of this important aspect of investing!


I was wondering wat to do first...