Testing a new ad

Testing a new ad

I am still very green, and have not even made my first offer yet. I wrote an ad this morning that I would like to get reviewed by the most knowledgeable people who are getting good results promoting online if possible. Let me know what you think. I plan to put it in Craigslist 1st as a test. This is to attract home owners at risk, but not yet in foreclosure:

Stop Foreclosure - Act Now - Don't wait
As soon as you determine that your home is at risk of foreclosure (While you are still Pre-Foreclosure) you can begin to take serious action and explore potential solutions to optimize whatever asset(s) value, or options may still be open to you. When you don't take action you don't succeed!

Once the bank and other creditors begin to process their claims you are at risk of having your assets frozen and it may be too late. Learn more to see if you can use one (or many) of the creative strategies and tactics to minimize your losses and maybe even save your credit before it's too late. We are working to help home owners at risk understand and process some of the creative concepts that have helped others who qualified with some of the most successful damage control and recovery best practices. (Important Note: We are a creative marketing company - Idea Guys -We do not give legal advice.)

Call Your FastPath Coaching - Real Estate Head Quarters (A TaylorMade Marketing Company) at: xxx.xxx.xxxx



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