Craigslist Ad Response

Craigslist Ad Response

I've recently listed a property on Craigslist that I am working on as a wholesale due to its condition. I have had a number of responses via email and I have responsed with the following: (Give me feedback on how effective this response is or any other comments)

Dear ???:

I appreciate your interest in the property. Would you please provide the
following information so I can better understand how we might be able to work
together on this property and perhaps other properties I have or will have in
the future?

Buyers Information

Please provide the following information:

1. Name:
2. Email Address:
3. Company Name:
4. Preferred Phone #:
5. FAX #:
6. Type of Buyer:

7. Type of Property most interested in: Single Family, Multi-Family?
8. Preferred Property Characteristics: Sq ft, # Bedrooms, # Bathrooms?
9. Type of Financing Available: Cash or Loan?
10. Preferred Price Range?
11. Areas of the Greater Baton Rouge of most interest?
12. If Rehabber, what level of rehab are you comfortable with?
13. If Investor, how many transactions in the past 12 months?

Have a Great Day!
Bob Burns