Buyers & Sellers Nationwide

Buyers & Sellers Nationwide

I'm new and want to work using the internet, fax and phone only. I want to find buyers and sellers in other states. Do I have to find properties that are close to where the buyers are so they can look at them before they buy, or will investors buy from pictures and information.

I know there are other people doing this successfully.
I would appreciate any information that would help me
to do this.

Thanks so muoh,


internet, fax and phone only

Susan, thanks for asking this question. I do hope you get some answers. Reason being...a few days ago I did run across a post that was all about this individual that was doing it all from home. Since then I've been trying to find that post again. I would like to learn more about the online research that can be done to find properties and make deals from home. Thanks again, Rick in georgia. PS...If you find anything along those lines, please let me know.

Needing a mentor/partner or group

Hi i am in need of someone or someones to work with and learn from. I like the idea of doing it via internet and phone, in other states beside
Arizona where i am at, so if youre from az or anywhere else and would
like to help a newbie and get some deals done to make alot of money im
more than ready Thanks


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