Property Management Companies

Property Management Companies

Does anyone know if calling local property management companies own some of their own real estate or is it just strictly property management for them? There are a lot of them around here and would like to put them on my buyers list, but am not sure if they are the correct people to target.



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Property management companies

That is a great idea. It is possible that they too invest in real estate. There is nothing wrong with making the call to them to try and find out if they would be willing to work with you. But don't stop there! You can search for buyers in many different places. One of the best places to find them is any auction setting. By attending auctions, you will get to see who actually has money (or access to it at least) these are credible buyers and they are currently investing in todays market! Find out if they are willing to work with you and get their EXACT investing criteria - what are they looking for. By doing this, you will be well on your way to making money with assignments!

I hope that this information helps!


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Very interesting idea - never thought of that! Like salden said - it never hurts to make that phone call! You never know where it will lead. Go for it! Think I'll do the same in my area Smiling

Hi Jen

Property Management are just strictly that but I'm sure they can provide you with leads since they deal with everyday people in the area, that sure help.

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Who Knows

Maybe they will know of one of their clients who is thinking of selling. I think it's an intersting idea.



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Many similar types of companies do similar things, maybe even many of the same things. BUT..... like every person is diferent so is every business. Some property management companies probably do own RE and some surely stick to management.

I do some property management myself and I am an investor! One day I may have a company that has several branches with an income stream from management, flipping, renting, and so on.


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