Having poor success with ADS that once pulled. What is working in this Market?

Having poor success with ADS that once pulled. What is working in this Market?

I have been posting on some popular websites and have not been having any success at all. See my postings below. Feedback welcome. Probably the Market although the so called Pros say the market is doing better.

I have access to people who will provide mortgages if the right conditions are there but when I did this before, I was getting annoying calls from people who had ZERO to put down.

Where are all the Motivated Sellers? I know how to find people wo are in Pre-foreclosure. I have a list of names in my area.

A sample of some of the ADS that I am using are below. They got me calls a year and a half ago but nothing in this market. Any feedback welcome.

Two, Three or Four Bedroom home in the North Shore areas of Saugus, Lynn, Melrose, Malden, Wakefield, Swampscott or Marblehead.

Cash or Terms. Call
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Title: Get more for your home. Lease with Option to us!

We would like to Lease with option your home for an agreed upon rent and terms. Single and Multi Single, Duplex, Triplex properties OK. Portion of each of monthly payment would be credited towards the Down Payment when the option reaches expiration. Saugus, Melrose, Wakefield, Malden, Swampscott and certain areas in Lynn.

Let us create a WIN/WIN for all of us. Please call 978-237-1221.
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Getting NO SELLER calls at all!

I am not advertising for Buyers because I am having poor results with Sellers.

Any help welcome. Thanks.