I want to Wholesale propeties but I am not getting calls from Cash Buyers in MA

I want to Wholesale propeties but I am not getting calls from Cash Buyers in MA

I am stumped as to why my ADS on the Internet are not getting any results. I did this in 2007 and I got calls. Now NOTHING!

I am fairly adept at writing copy. I do spell checks even though I spell good.

I use Keywords in the bottom of the ADS in order to get any traffic from people using these Keywords.

Where the heck are the Cash Buyers. I do not believe that I have all of a sudden lost my writing ability. This has been going on for about a month and a half now.

Sad Sad


Where to find CASH BUYERS???

Attend real estate auctions! Most people buying homes at auction are cash buyers or at least have access to cash. Attending a real estate auction is free and only requires the courage to strike up a conversation with one of the bidders to find out what they do. If they purchase outside of auction, they may be a great investor to add to your list!

Wish you well!


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I'm a Buyer in the VT and NH Area

Hi - I'm a cash buyer in the VT and possibly NH area. You can feel free to add me to your list if you cover that area. Looking for multi-families in rehab condition. The worse the better! Will consider single families. Under $75k - Central VT and Western NH to be more specific on the areas. I know it's a small area so I'm always looking. Would look forward to some deals!

- Tom


When we first started running ads on Craigs list for cash buyers we had a good response. Then nothing for a while then a good response again and so on. I think it is still worth running the ads. There is a lot to be said for being consistent. You never know who will happen to look at the ad that day.

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