Attracting Buyers- Listing a House Earlier in the Year Might Be Beneficial

Attracting Buyers- Listing a House Earlier in the Year Might Be Beneficial

I was recently doing some research on According to data from, an online real-estate database, the volume of home sales was highest in June, July or August every year since 2000. In 2009, however, an $8,000 credit for those buying their first home--that expires on June 30, 2010 and requires buyers to have closed on a home by April 30, 2010--will force buyers to speed up their decisions. Historically low interest rates also suggest that sellers will face a busier market as early as February.

So this news has offered me some renewed hope for selling a proeprty a lot faster in the earlier months of 2010 then what is usual.. In most markets, owner occupant buyers will start buying properties in the May -August months more than others, due to the warm weather and kids being out of school.

With the tax credit ending during the above listed time frame, I will list my property for sale right at the first of the year. I will be curious to see if it has a huge impact on the amount of calls I receive this year versus years past.

I hope you can quickly sell your properties to owner occupants too!!! Oh and you might be able to build a buyers list a lot easier int eh beginning of the year, due to this fact!!!
Happy Hunting!!!


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