Networking at Tax Lien Sales = Finding Investors

Networking at Tax Lien Sales = Finding Investors

Where are investors? Where good deals are found!!! Tax lien certificate and deed sales will bring investors out of the wood work. These investors might be a little different breed than other investors, but you know two things about them...if they are at the auction they have cash and like great rates of return secured by real estate.

Sounds like a great money partner to me!!! They may even be great wholesale contacts, because they have certificates that are coming due and they just want their money out. They might sell the tax lien certificate to you for what they are owed, so they do not have to go through the foreclosure process and perform the repairs or sell the property.

You might offer them an option that they previously did not consider, because they did not want to do the foreclosure, repairs, or rselling. If you can show them that you can add value and profit to their deals, you will be an attractive partner to bring on or financial risk to take, if they lend you money.

Networking is huge!!! These investors are going to know each area very well and have throughly researched the properties they are bidding on. They will be a great wealth of information, even if you do not do deals directly with them.

Happy New Year!!!


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