Hand Out 100 business Cards Nightly at your REIA

Hand Out 100 business Cards Nightly at your REIA

Building Your Buyers List by Networking

Although it has been said that real estate is all about location, the business of real estate investing is about marketing and networking.

Real estate investing is absolutely a networking business. It is all about your ability to move your product, or sell your deal. To do that, you have to know your target market and network with them to build your buyers list.

If you are fortunate enough to have a Real Estate Investors Association, or REIA, group in your city, attend every meeting you can and get involved. As a real estate investor, it is absolutely critical that you know other investors in your area and network with them. Since your buyers will be at these meetings, bring your business cards to hand out and collect business cards from others to add to your buyers list.

Business cards are one of the tried and true forms of branding and advertising you can implement into your real estate business. Business cards are very cost effective and, in some cases, can be free. YOUR GOAL SHOULD BE TO HAND OUT 100 CARDS To potential clients each week for building your buyers list.

If you show a newbie real estate investor how close a deal, you will make a business ally that may become a customer in the future. By helping those who are new in the real estate business you will get great referrals.


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