Massive Quantities of Bandit Signs

Massive Quantities of Bandit Signs


If you want to find out who is buying up wholesale real estate in your area, you need to be proactive and aggressive. You need to get out there and find them…
Get yourself 100 blank, white, 24 x 24 bandit signs, with metal stakes.
These are available all over the internet. Just Google “blank bandit signs.”

Take 30 of those signs, and write this on them: $.30 on the dollar! Must sell now!! (local phone number)

Why do you put $.30 on the dollar? Because unless you live in parts of Michigan or Ohio, that’s a really, really good deal. Why “must sell now?” Because that creates urgency and gives the perception that the buyer must act… fast… if there going to get their hands on this great deal. For all they know, the property could be in foreclosure.

Whatever the reason, he needs to act quickly if he wants to get it.

Ok, so you have your 30 signs out advertising a Ghost Ad or a fictitious property. What do you do next? You answer your phone… often

Ok, they call, get your voice mail and leave you a message. You call back and say…

“Hi Mr. Buyer. This is Joe Schmoe. I received your message you left about my property. Well, you’re not going to believe this but one hour after putting those bandit signs out, I received a contract on the property and a deposit.

However, as soon as I get another great deal, which won’t be long, I’ll personally call you BEFORE I market it to the public. That sound good to you? Okay, let me get your contact info and what you are looking for, and I’ll be in touch soon. You’re now on my VIP buyers list.”

Now, I know that you’ve used bandit signs and they didn’t work at all, however, with this message on it and doing 30 signs, things will be different.

Ok, so you’ve got a bunch of new buyers on your short, but active, buyers list. All you need is 5 to 10 serious, active, experienced, cash buyers. That’s all. And you should know these people intimately. The rest of the lookie-lou’s you put in an email database and blast to when you get a property that your real buyers pass on…. hoping one pulls the trigger.

Placement is important. You want tons of eyes focused on your signs, but you also want to place them in areas that are desirable to your buyers. So, find places that match those two criteria and stick them in the ground (facing the oncoming traffic…). Make sure they are at places where cars stop. No highway medians, where cars are racing by at 55 mph.

Let’s get busy!


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Bandit Sign Question

Thanks for all the great input. I have been experimenting with bandit signs and put some out with my 800#. I recieved many calls but hardly and of them left messages. I thought I was letting many good possible buyers slip away from my buyers list I was trying to build.

So I re-worked my bandit signs and put my local phone # on them. I recieved many calls on this. The only problem was that I was spending way too much time answering calls and calling people back, many of which didn't seem like motivated buyers, nor cash investors.

I was dealing with many many retail buyers but no investors. I went back around and pulled up all my signs with my local # on it.

3rd times a charm... Hopefully. Now I intend on creating bandit signs like you said. This way hopefully I target more investors with retail buyers along the way too. I feel that retail buyers have a narrow window of time to buy and to buy only once, where as investors will be buying multiple properties over time. I feel like the retail buyers list I have is alreadyno good any more.

Does anyone else feel the same way?
What other types of bandit signs have worked for people?


Life is for the living!

Sean Brooks
Nationwide Housing Group, LLC

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