24/7 Message Services

24/7 Message Services

My name is Kenny Hollies, and this is my first journal entry. So a big "HELLO" shout-out to the DG FAMILY. This Web site is incredible, and the DG FAMILY, with your encouragement and wisdom, is incredible. I can't believe this Site is free. I've truly enjoyed checking out this Web Site. Dean is "The Man", he truly does deliver. I'd love to be his neighbor and have the opportunity to pick his brain every day. Wouldn't that be awesome. He's pretty impressive. I look forward to meeting him someday.

Even though I haven't met Dean yet, I feel like I already know him after having read his last two books and currently being 100 pages into "Your Town". He really has a way of making you feel like your part of his family. I've learned more from his books, regarding marketing and financing, then I ever did from five years of college, and from working in the mortgage industry. I wish I would have started 20 years ago investing in real estate, like I wanted to, instead of listening to friends and family members, including my wife, who said it was a mistake and too hard to do. I'm not passing on the chance now.

I live in Bay City, Michigan. If you're not familiar with where I live, simply raise your left hand and the city I live in is located between your index finger and your thumb, along the Saginaw Bay. This technique always comes in handy, when I'm on vacation and someone asks me where I'm from. Try doing that, with one of your hand, if you live in California. lol I guess that's what makes us unique up here in Michigan.

Well, after having digested the overload of information that I've received from reading Dean's books, I've decided to use the "lease option" strategy for my marketing area.

I'm not sure which 24/7 message service I should get set up with. So I guess my first question for the DG FAMILY is which message service do you use and why? Are you using the Automated Foreclosure Finder(AFF), or are you using the NOA Network that Dean talks about on pg. 82 of "PFRERN"? Do you need an additional phone line to set up these systems? I just signed up for the AFF 14 day free trial and I would like to find out if there is quite a difference in price or services between these two. I haven't read yet about anyone talking about these services, unless I've been looking in the wrong place. So if anyone can help me out, I'd be grateful.

Another question I have is "how should I set up my business? As an LLC, a Corp. etc, and why would you choose one over the other? Does one cost more than another, and do they give you different tax breaks? Thanks in Advance. Kenny


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