How often should I update my craisglist ad?

How often should I update my craisglist ad?

Hey everyone,

I went back to check on my craisglist ads. They are still there; I checked the expiration schedule, and it's 45 days if you're not in one of the major cities. My question was, should I remove and repost my ad every week or two so it doesn't end up slipping to the bottom of the ads where someone might not get down to see it? Any feedback from craigslist users would be helpful! Thanks!



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Updating on Craigslist

It is my understanding that you can delete and repost your listing every 48hrs without having to change it in any way.

That is what I do to keep my ad near the top of the pile.

If you need to repost more you need to make changes to the text and rearrange the pictures and possible senting the viewer to a different domain, if you want them to visit your website.