Local Laws & Bandit Signs

Local Laws & Bandit Signs

Who can I contact in regards to Local Laws regarding postings for Bandit signs to avoid fines?


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I contacted the counties board of regulations and asked about Bandit Signs. It is illegal in some counties in MD to put up bandit signs unless you are a legal business, ie. registered with the state. Example, Brokers are allowed to put up signs on Friday evenings but they must be taken down by Monday morning in one particular county.

Oddly enough, you just get a slap if you are a first time offender. The next time they will fine you, anyway, that's what I've been told and that is what the county has send in the local government newspaper. Also, kiss your sign goodbye if the county goes out and sweeps the area.

Bottom line is to check with your county/state--each is different. If you plan on doing a lot of business in one particular area I would stay on the good side of the county and abide by the rules, always to the best of my ability.

bandit signs

where BANDIT SIGNS are ILLEAGAL! THEY ARE NOT IF posted on private property,with the owners permission! Just CK YOUR LOCAL LAWS!

It's Illegal

I don't believe there are any counties or cities in the country that allow bandit signs, especially hand written ones! Most jurisdictions prohibit them. They are considered a blight to the city's landscape.

I am surprised this topic has never been brought up on this forum before?
How could such an important component in the advertising just be ignored?

I personally dismissed this technique the first time I read about it.

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