Overcoming Discouragement

Overcoming Discouragement

Overcoming Discouragement

A real estate investor runs into their share of road blocks and discouragement. It is one of the biggest speed bumps in the business and so it is really important that YOU learn how to deal with it or you will find yourself on the side lines.

Having faced discouragement myself this article is not some pie-in-the-sky theory, but it is information that has helped myself and others overcome discouragement. Depression and oppression are all too real for those facing such problems, and though knowledge and recognition of what needs to change is the initial step, it will in itself never be enough.

Real wisdom through application needs to occur, not just mental assent. Hopefully, what follows will provide the keys to such application and any lingering lethargy can be faced and a step by step endeavor to overcome the problem can take place.

What is your Self-talk?
All of us speak words to ourselves that either encourage us with impetus to move upward and onward, or to denigrate ourselves and tear us down. When you look in the mirror every morning, what do you say to yourself? Is it in essence "I am a success" or is it "I am a loser"?

Interestingly enough, your self-talk is partly a product of your environment and partly your own assessment of yourself. Sometimes it is positive and other times it is negative. Recognizing and identifying what many have called the self-talk in your life is an initial first step to turning around discouragement.

Tell yourself there is hope no matter what negative circumstances you face and begin the process to a turnaround. Pinpointing destructive self-criticism and cutting it off is a crucial first step in this process. Becoming upbeat and positive begins to transform the darkened thinking patterns you have wallowed in and creates new channels of thought. Stagnancy transforms into productive growth.


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overcoming discouragement

Thanks for the support. I can attest to the power of becoming aware of your thoughts. It's amazing how powerful this is. I still catch myself sabotaging but am much more quick to turn the thought around to a positive one. It's difficult at first but like with everything, easier with practice and application.
I wanted to also express that when I started looking into investing, reading deans books, spending time on the site, joining REIA, networking,it became quite overwhelming and I found myself unable to focus in one direction, ultimately causing procrastination. What has helped me greatly is taking little bites each day. Not letting myself get discouraged knowing this is a learning curve and not letting myself go to sleep until I have done one thing to implement my business forward. I am just starting to learn the value of the site to create a network of like minded people. I also joined the academy but did not use it. Hard to believe. Now that I am, things are turning around. Hope this hits home with someone else out there who may need to know they are not alone in their progress to success. Mary-Ellen



overcoming discouragement

I read your post Mary-Ellen and I too was overwhelmed at first with all of the information available on the DG site. It is great material. I also have to take small pieces of information each day, and process it all. Holding our own self accountable each day will keep procrastination in check.
We must get out there and make things happen, or they wont. A math professor once told me that, "math is not a spectator sport, you have to get in there and practice, each day!" My math professor was correct, and so is DG, we do have to take action each day.

Best of Success!
Dean Scot


I've been in the DG family since June 09 I read the books, studied my brains out but I got the knowledge. Come Oct I was ready to make first offers on foreclosures using Coastal funding.com the agent I was dealing with said she was an investor Bull! she texted me [which I hate] and said she emailed me the email said what I was doing was illegal she was too cowardly to call me. Anyway that incident stopped me in my tracks. I kept studying and keeping track of the local foreclosures and pre's. But I didn't put out any offers.Finally it was 2010 and I found my niche on empowering conversations with Greg Murphy what he said made sense to me so I did some ghost ads and bandit signs and got a pretty good response. That action helped me overcome my discouragement. So get up get the knowledge find your niche and go for it. I hope this gives you some encouragement. Keith Success be with you!

overcoming discouragement

I just joined the DG family today and the positive support is OUTSTANDING. I too used to beat myself up a lot, but then I realized I get enough of that from other people so why do it to myself. After changing my thought process amazing things started to happen in my life. My marriage and social life became increasingly more enjoyable. Not to say it wasn't before, it just became better. Someone once told me that attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching. Happy Hunting.


The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary! Author Unknown

Success is my only option, failures not! Eminem

Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing! Vince Lombardi

Overcoming Discouragement

The best way to overcome discouragement is to work with truthful information not a lot of fluff. Has anyone had success with Dean's new techniques in the San Diego area? Anyone?




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Thanks for the response. "ACTION ACTION ACTION" Have you had any success with these techniques? I assume you haven't. Why is everyone so shy?

Overcoming Discourgement

I agree wholeheartedly! You and I have the power inside of us to identify our problems and cast them out of our minds and hearts! Keep up the great work!

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