Craigslist accounts, flagging, phone verified accounts..and more

Craigslist accounts, flagging, phone verified accounts..and more

I went to post an ad this morning for my hometown and it would not let me. I don't know if it is because I have been posting all my ads recently in SW Florida and this one was going to be posted in a different area and the computer recognized it or what. So, when I went to verify my account with my phone number it said that number was already associated with an account (likely an account of mine that got flagged awhile ago..I have NO IDEA why and I was never able to get any answers from dare them not get back to me when I am paying so much for their services..he he). So, I started doing some research on this and ended up about reading about these phone verified accounts you can purchase so you can always post. Does anyone use these or have any suggestions on how to ensure I can always post and to atleast two different areas. How do these people end up posting to hundreds of areas?? I am guessing through these phone verified accounts they purchase.

Thanks! Kate


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Denny is the one who posts regularly on CL and if he were here I would double check with him. If I understand correctly you can run very similar ads but switch the heading(s) around (top 3 lines) and you are less likely to get flagged. Hope this helps. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this.

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