Effective Ad Copy tips for attracting Sellers

Effective Ad Copy tips for attracting Sellers

Writing great copy is a state of mind. Your state of mind as you write your ad copy needs to be, “How can I help this person sell their home and create a win for myself in the process?” It is about you talking to your potential sellers about why they should contact you to buy their house.
No one knows you like you know yourself and no one can communicate who you are and what you have to offer better than you. It is best if you write the ads yourself so the true you comes out – the one the customers meet in person when they call.
Here are some helpful tips in writing your ad copy:
• Determine what type of customer you are trying to attract. What is their situation? What are their immediate wants, remembering that we always seek out what we want, not necessarily what we need? Put yourself in their shoes! What are they thinking?
• Write down who you are. Why should someone call you? Are you a friendly person? Do you focus on service? Are you easy to talk to? Do you have a lot of experience?
• Have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What makes you better than all of the rest? It can be that all your phone calls are answered by a real person, or that you will always make an offer within 24 hours. What sets you apart from the competition?
• Compare the two lists and the USP. Write down some phrases that match what you have to offer with what your target seller wants. Maybe they fear calling and talking to someone about their situation because they’re afraid of being judged. Maybe they are intimidated. You feel that you are a nice person who is easy to talk to. A phrase you might use is: “If you’re looking for a down-to-earth person who will take the time to make you the best offer on your house, then call me now at _______.”
• After this, put your ideas away. Come back a day or two later and read what you wrote. Does it make sense? Can you make revisions that make it a stronger message? You may want to repeat this step a couple times, but don’t belabor it! Dwelling on it keeps you from getting your message out there.
• Be confident and proud of what you have to offer, but don’t let it become cocky, and do not over promise. It is much better to under promise and over deliver.
• Test, test, test! Don’t feel that you have to get your copy perfect before you can send it out. Test it. See what kind of results you get, then make improvements and test again. Keep the version that pulls the best results, then repeat the process with a new message, always using the best one as your control piece. Make only one correction at a time so you know what you are testing and can track the results.
• The important thing right now is to get started writing your copy. The hardest word is the first one. Follow the above steps and you will have ad copy you can test and modify over time.


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Pictures or PDF files or just copy?

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