Youtube Video on Leads

Youtube Video on Leads

Here is a good 10 minute video on generating new short sale leads and building your buyers list.

Here is the youtube link:



Thanks for the info.


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
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Right now

I'm getting about 40% of my short sale leads from my own marketing.

With many of the gurus preaching 'work with realtors' I believe it's key to develop your own leads too. Some of the realtors are tough to deal with. The thing I like about the video is how it talks about producing your own leads and bring these leads to the agents to work together.

This is what I do.


I would only recommend that you work with experienced realtors in this type of sale. One that has no experience in this rodeo could equal disaster! These realtors are highly skilled and trained in this area - You can go to to find one of these realtors. They are certified distressed property experts and some train in REO's as well! I hope that this information helps!


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