Don't complicate things

Don't complicate things

Over the last few weeks, I have taken multiple calls regarding marketing to buyers and sellers, and building a list of buyers.

Many times the questions start to get so convoluted, that I as a coach become confused. It seems that a student may feel that if they insert as many glossary terms as they can into their question, their question would be more valid. Some students create questions including 5 different contracts and multiple methods of potentially closing the deal.

Let's not make this out to be more than it is. The whole point of your marketing in the initial stages is to find a potential buyer for your properties. If a potential buyer calls on one of your ads, there is no need to make it confusing.

So let's boil it down to it's most simple form. We put some sort of classified ad out, for a fixer, or a FSBO, or something else. It could be a ghost ad. When people call on your ad, the only objective is to find out what they want. We don't have to have forms, contracts, or anything at this point. We just ask, "What type of property are you interested in?" It can be as simple as that. Any subsequent conversation will automatically start do steer towards property size, location, price, etc.

Over time, we can go through additional qualifying questions with the potential buyer. It doesn't have to be all on the first call. The rapport is the most important thing in the early stages. If you give them a 2 page interview loaded with questions right on the first contact, you may alienate multiple potential buyers.

Keep it simple, and focus on being a regular person. Ask just a few basic questions about what their needs are, and you'll be surprised at how much information will naturally flow. And remember, you can always have another conversation on another day for further clarifications on their needs and wants.

Just take the pressure off of yourself and you will see that things can be much easier than you might think. When you talk to people, they can feel if you are under pressure or nervous. So keep it simple and easy in the initial stages, and as you get better at it, you can become more aggressive.