Social Networking to find Investors

Social Networking to find Investors

Recently, I have been using social networking to find investors and private lenders in a new market. I have been focusing most of my efforts on and I have joined a multitude of different groups on each of these websites. I have posted my needs in the discussion areas and on the wall in these sections. I also have scoured these same sectiosn to see what people are offering and what they are looking for. I have been able to grow a pretty hefty list of investors, mortgage bankers, and hard money lenders that I would not have had access to otherwise.

Now granite, you will get some emails coming in from people trying to sell programs and other properties, but you can easily delete these...right!!! I have made some great connections by using these sources and adding some of these people as friends to my network.

If they have not been able to help me, they have offered quite a few other sources that have been ableto help me or offer other sources. I have found it is a great way to grow my network, but I just need to ask the question "Since you can not help in this area, do you know of anyone who might be able too?" Now I have a referral and I can reach these people that much easier, because I can throw around the referring persons name for clout.

Try it and have fun building your investor and lender list!!!


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