Building a buyer's list

Building a buyer's list

How do I go about building a buyer's list?



Charley Menendez

There are nearly 100 posts

There are nearly 100 posts on this topic

Just enjoy the site and you'll find morethan you need

Try this

One of the ways that I started with my buyers list was googling "I buy houses", calling the sites, and asking if they would be interested in allowing me to put them on my buyers list. I would let them know that I was a new investor and that I find amazing deals and lock them up on contract. Almost all said yes. So I would gather there personal info. (name, phone, email, fax, etc.) and other criteria. Then I would tell them that I would start looking and thank them for there time.

Heres a link to help give you an idea on creating a buyers list by Jeff Jensen. Its helped me in building mine.

Hope this helps you in your venture. Keep us informed with your results.

Good luck.


Listen to this

And then there are lots of posts; just do a search. But, this call will help a lot.


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buyers list info

Thanks. I'll try it.



Charley Menendez


still making since of it all,every bit of these answers are inlighting thanks to all you all are great players to share the things that you know,keep giving up ths real


I have been trying to get a buyers list of 100 or more and then attact the sellers,at this time I have 5 people with $4000 who want to move now so what Im going to do for them is mortgage assignment,so tell me how do you determmon the fee of each house that we if the house cost $120,000 what is the fee to charge,if the house is $75,000 then what is the fee t charge.


Thanks for reminding me how awsome the Flywheel movie was! I homeschooled for 15 years, the best years of my life! We always include them in our investing projects and they are learning and loving it!
I needed the Flywheel inspiration today. Thank you.



Get a website

set up with a free report and a squeeze page and drive targeted traffic to your website. It only takes a few steps from you to do it:

1. Don't spend a lot of money to set up the website service. Use with no upfront fee. It's designed for investors and has a buyer squeeze page.

2. Spend a little money marketing the site to buyers and investors. Small newspaper ads work.

3. Also use free resources to promote the site. Article submission, press releases, and other SEO marketing.

That's it. Do this and you'll have a buyers list in no time.

Here is a video link on how to do it:

Video is about seller leads but this method works for buyers list too.

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