Get More Buyers Now!

Get More Buyers Now!

I know that it can be a difficult task finding buyers for your real estate deals. The idea of having to find a buyer can be time consuming and the whole purpose for you to invest should be to save yourself some time.

I could tell you about how to build buyers lists through marketing but that also takes time to build. You can go out and buy a list but that is more money spent and I would not trust a list given to me from someone else based on the fact that it may not be targeted to your particular niche.

What if there was a way to get your properties sold without having to go out and attract buyers? What if I could even tell you a way to get buyers to come to you and purchase your properties without you worrying about contacting one single buyer?

Now there is a way to get you real estate in front of buyers and all you have to do is get the properties assigned.

So what is the answer.........AUCTIONS!

That's right. You can get your properties sold thru an auction and not have to worry about buyers because the auctions have all the buyers.

You may be saying to yourself, "I thought auctions were for distressed homes only?”. This is completely false. Auctions are for any real estate you can imagine from single family homes, commercial, reo's, short sales, rehabs, land, distressed properties and much more. I just recently met someone who helps me to auction my properties for me. All you have to do is get your real estate investment or assignments and the auctioneer does the rest for you. You can set your price and if the offer you receive is not satisfactory, you can pull the property or simply auction to another buyer.

The best part is that the auctioneer does all the work and all you have to do is accept the offers. Another great thing about auctions is that even if your property does not sell, the auctioneer will catalog buyers and if they enjoy the properties you are offering, they can find out directly from the buyer what types of properties they are looking for and give them your assigned properties and investment properties directly. Now that's targeting your buyers!

I hope this will open your mind to a new idea for your real estate sales and good luck to everyone!



You can also talk to people at auctions to there contact information right? I mean theres nothing but cash buyers there right? This sounds good. Didn't really think about auctions to get cash buyers. Me and bros are starting are short sale business. The one thing that is critical at then end of a short sale is the end buyer. We trying to get solid cash buyers to finish the transactions. Im going to try this.

Another good way to find

Another good way to find buyers is to have your realtor look up the properties that have been sold dirt cheap on the MLS. Often times, these will be homes that need some heavy-duty rehab and are bought by investors. Take down the addresses and look up who now owns the home on the public records. Then check white pages to get in touch with the owners.



"He who is mighty has done great things for me...He has...exalted those of humble estate; he has filled the hungry with good things..." Matt. 1:49-53

Moving Up in Priority on Search Engines for Website

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