Newbie Needs assistance

Newbie Needs assistance

Good afternoon to all,

Obviously a new kid here,

Been doing this for about 45 days and am having an issue(s). (wholesaleing)

Just bought Deans books and am looking forward to getting into them, however, here is my situation.

I have a house under contract and am about to have another soon. My cash buyer list is very week (about 5) and none of them seem interested. I have sent my deal out to another wholesaler who is trying to sell as well to his list.(50/50 assignee split for him if he can close) I am about 8 days away from the closing date. The seller is about to head into foreclosure and the mortgage co is looking for payment by next friday.

Any advice to get this deal done fast and help me expand my buyer list is appreciated. I will take less if I can help this guy out, but I believe it is a good deal.

Riding the roller coaster in SC

ARV/MKT value= 96K
Repairs = 8-10K
Price =57K


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