Aggressive marketing

Aggressive marketing

IN Deans Books and all over this site, It says " Think outside cereal box " So I want some input before I do this.

Ad Will read or somewhat close.

(( ATTN all real estate agents. Sell your clients home in 10 days or less. Using our marketing skills ))

Now with my idea. The home is for sale at lets say $100,000.00 and the home will appraise somewhere around 125-135,000.00.
This is how we sell the home and nobody is wiser to the plan.
Auction the home and Set the so called auction at 97,000 And let the bidding begin with blasting of Little ads ( how many of you remember that guy ) Now the home is up for auction for 7 days
Open house 2 days after auction begins then another 2 days later. A lot of Realtors will have more people that may want to see the home. So that would be the reason for the second open house.

We should be able to get what is known as "Push it up" bids these are bidders who really dont think they will be the highest But they bring you over the 100,000.00 mark. Just Like Ebay but with a twist.

Since I am not licensed Real estate agent. I think I can turn at least 4 homes a month using the methods I learned from the link below. And the book.

I dont know if anyone has tried this method....

I am new at this and very nervous about it.

This is the post besides Profit from Real Estate right now.Where I came up with this idea. ....


When Life comes down to push and shove.. Its time for a 1 Ton truck.
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