Looking for a business partner

Looking for a business partner

Hi, my name is Felicia. I am trying to get started by purchasing some real estate but am having trouble with financing. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in becoming a partner and helping me out. My credit is a bit shaky so I am looking for someone who can get financing and I will do the leg work finding the properties and we can split the profit after sale. I will only need help for a couple of purchases so that I can gain some capital. If it works out well, I would not mind keeping a partner so that two people profit rather than one. I in return if ever anyone needs help once I am in a position to be of help will have no problem jumping on board and helping them to the best of my ability.
If anyone is interested, please contact me as soon as possible. I need to get some cash flowing quickly.
I am located in the san antonio area.
Thank you
Felicia Rusher


If I where you...

I would take a step back and build up cash by wholesaling or even assiging some properties. Making $500 here and there adds up...

But sometimes

If you assign a house for example you could walk a way with $1500 to $5000 so it just depends on you.

Can you help me on my first

Can you help me on my first deal and I will split the proceeds with you?