How To Create The Ultimate Business Card(s)

How To Create The Ultimate Business Card(s)

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How To Create The Ultimate Business Card(s)
by Jason Hanson

How much thought do you really put into the creation of your business cards? I'll admit when I first started in this business I didn't know diddly squat about marketing and I created boring business cards like everyone else. I had my company name, phone, address, email and website--that was it.

Luckily I hung around some pretty smart fellows and quickly learned the correct way to use business cards. First, I recommend having two different types of business cards. The first one is going to be a very professional card that you can hand out to sellers. This card is going to be the closest thing you have to a "boring" business card but there are still a few ways you're going to make it stand out.

Professional Cards
On the front of the card put some type of catchy slogan so that sellers know that you're a real estate investor. Such as "we provide real estate solutions" or "we will buy your house in 30 days or less". And then on the back of the card I would give the sellers a reason to pick up the phone and call you.

What reason should you give them? The most reliable reason there is: The Free Special Report. Here's what I would do: On the back have it say "Call 555-555-5555 today to get a FREE copy of our amazing Special Report "How To Sell Your House in 11 Days Or Less No Matter Your Current Financial Situation". And then I would go on to say. "And if you happen to own rental property, make sure to ask for our FREE Special Report "The Five Little-Known Ways to Eliminate Tenant Hassles Forever. Call 555-555-5555 to get both of these reports today with no-obligation whatsoever."

Right there you have a turnkey "professional" business card. All you have to do is "cut and paste" the above information and you will have a better and more unique card than 99% of real estate investors.

Off the Wall Marketing Cards
Now, on to the second business card you're going to have. This is where you can get crazy and let your imagination run wild. This card can be ugly and doesn't have to look professional at all. You will want to make this card bright pink, bright orange or bright yellow. You can use big lettering to let the world know that "WE BUY HOUSES AND CHARGE NO FEES". Of course, on this card you will still want to offer free reports on the back. And don't forget, these cards are for leaving at the gas station, dry cleaners and tacking up on bulletin boards. Do anything you can to have these cards attract attention.

What I want you to do is pull out your current business card(s). How does it look? Does it offer any reason to give you a call? Does it suck? Or is it awesome and you don't need to change a thing. If your card needs a few changes go to and make up some new cards. Business cards don't cost much, so don't be cheap about this. In fact, business cards can be one of the best investments you make if you get a $10,000 deal off a 5 cent card.

And to increase your chances of getting that deal, you should play the "business card game" with yourself. Every day, you should promise yourself to hand out five business cards or tack up five business cards---and you can't come home until you do. Getting 25 cards a week into other people's hands (100 per month) will put you on the fast track to deals, money and less time spent working for "THE MAN".




Great Business Cards

Great Business Card Ideas!

I have even seen and used the idea of including a piece of wrapped candy or a mint attached to your business card. It offers "something extra" AND give people a warm idea that the person or entity associated with this card is generous.

Free Special Reports?

This is good info but where do I find that info to put into for the Special Reports? I haven't found this yet so please advise.

BTW Vista print is a great place to get your cards etc. I have designed several through their website and they are prompt and very well made for an excellent price.
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