Sims 2.0; I'm Confussed

Sims 2.0; I'm Confussed

I hope when Dean's done tweaking this Greg Clement's Sims 2.0 system it works.
I've been receiving dozens of emails from Greg on purchasing his system directly, & of course received an
email from Dean that he did not participate in the launch, nor is endorsing the purchase at this time but
after this last blog I'm confused.
I even received an email from Greg apologizing that his site crashed ... maybe because he teamed up with so many different gurus that every real estate investor in the country is hitting it at once.
I understand the concept, & believe having the proper software to automate your website is a must, but
not being very computer savvy it makes this whole thing a little concerning & scary.


Confuesed also

We have received the same e-mails. Greg is charging over $1900.00 for this sims 2.0

Do we all need this program.

Steve and Veronica.


i to recieved this offer from other dgers to sign up for sellpoint from greg and it wanted for us to send this great sellpoint deal to 10 or more friends and we would recieve 2 yrs free.then if we signed up for the webinar,which i did then u got sellpoint free for life.i didnt buy from greg cause dean said he is a great guy and has a great product but dean mentioned in his blog that he has something in store for us!!i am not sure what it is but i am sure he will not dissapoint us !!! lets wait and see what he has in store?????


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Im confused too

Why in the world would anybody drop that kind of coin on Sims 2.0?

The Sims website says:

"For the cost of an AVERAGE WEBSITE you get the entire SIMS 2.0 System"?

The cost of SIMS 2.0 is $3200 in year 1.

Does it cost $3200 for an "Average website"? No it doesn't!

Investors need specialized websites? I get it. There are alternatives. Search for them and you can save $3,000 to $5,000.

Here is one: Lead generating websites for investors with no setup fee at all.

I was just at the LA Investor Summit this weekend and they had a Sims 2.0 presentation. I also talked with several people who has Sims 1. Reviews? OK but to a man everybody commented on the price.

Price should be a consideration with any addition to any business. If you can save $3,000 here you can use it on another aspect of your business. Yu can probably find a better way to maximize the return on that $3000.

That's my advice.

I was on Greg's webinar and

I was on Greg's webinar and also received those same emails. No way was I going to spend a few grand on it. Then I saw Deans email and blog about it. My understanding is that Dean is working with Greg on a specially tweaked product similar to SIMS capabilties but designed for Deans students. I would suspect the price tag to be much more reasonable as well. Whatever it is, I'm 99% sure I'm all in! And if you ever need help with the technology aspect, I would be happy to help in any way I can.



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SIMS 2.0

I have a post on here somewhere where I was telling everyone how I was one of the chosen ones to get the program FREE for 2 years.

It does not work! I have emailed Greg Clements 6 times for help resolving this technical issue and he will not respond to any of my emails.
I contact some of his other guru friends and one of them tells me he is going to call Greag last week and tell him to contact me...nothing yet.

What happens is I have a bunch of houses I needed to list on SIMS or Sellpoint. I go to the first page where you fill out the information on your property...then go to the next page where you add your pictures. After spending time adding all my pictures I click save...this is when the trouble starts. This error message pops up telling me something about a string error.
Everytime this happens. I cannot post a house at all on SIMS 2.0 even though I have the service for free.
I would urge you all to not spend your money on this system.
Just my .02 cents worth of information.