Get a phone number that stands out for free

Get a phone number that stands out for free

We all know how getting a phone number that can be memorable, is important to your business. I am trying to get into flipping houses and have been looking for a phone number that reads something like (123)-FOR-CASH. Unfortunately, the phone companies do not have any of those numbers available.

It therefor came as a RELIEF to me when google voice was released a few weeks ago allowing you to get very memorable numbers that can be linked to any phone of your choice. I am happy to say that i got two of those numbers for free.

You see, i just got my real estate license and wanted two numbers to establish my credibility. I needed one for my real estate investing business and another for my real estate agency business, and i got both of them.

How would you want to get a number that reads something like (123)-456-IBUY or (123)456-CASH. Both of these numbers, i got for my area code. There might be much better numbers in your area, so don't limit yourself. Just keep on searching and get that business identity that establishes you as a professional.

For those of you who might find it difficult getting the website to do that, all you need to do is create a google account. This is the link to the site The link is very long so i had to shorten it a bit using

For anyone in the columbus, OH area. You can get in touch with me if you are looking for investment properties or a house to buy. My phone number is 614-285-SALE.

Good luck to you all.

Michael Arthur-Mensah