Does real estate investors have a bad reputation?

Does real estate investors have a bad reputation?

I am not sure what's the deal with sellers or buyers. Whenever I mentioned that I am an investor, they just immediately wants to get off the phone. Has there been a bad reputation for real estate investors that I am unaware of?

Please advise.


Bad Reputation

Mesheltran, you need to have an idea of how you want your conversation to go with the buyer or seller. Put yourself in their shoes, what do you think when telemarketers call you: YOU BECOME DEFENSIVE.

You need a soft approach, think about their needs first and how you can help them. They need to trust you, you need to let them do the talking and you need to listen. This way you learn what their motives are.

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I think if you have a really good deal and present it honestly and fully disclose all aspects of the deal NO buyer will question you ever! You will automatically have a great reputation. If you can't produce for your buyers then they won't have anything to do with you. There are plenty of bad deals and idiot investors that have no idea what they are doing!
Sellers are a different story. I think there are some feelings that we investors are vultures and will take advantage of them if we can. (some investors do just that) You must let the seller see that the only way you do deals is a win/win situation. When dealing with homeowners in distress you must approach them with compassion. Find out how they got in the situation and offer help!

Good luck!
Michael Mangham
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Thanks for responding.

I understand what you guys are saying. Basically, they become defensive because I might appear as a telemarketer. I have a prospective buyer, and she is very cautious because this is new to her. I just want to be able to help her because she does not have credit to get into a new home.