Organizing your marketing techniques

Organizing your marketing techniques

Folks here is an easy way to organize your marketing to buyers activities. I suggest splitting these up into 2 catagories, por-active & re-active. Pro-active is when you are reaching out to others, re-active is when you are sending out a message and waiting for others to contact you.

Wish you well!

Building the Buyers List

Pro-Active Techniques
o Investment Clubs
o Real Estate Auctions
o Networking with Real Estate Professionals
 Realtors
 Lenders-Conventional, Private & Hard
 Title Officers
• List of Absentee Owners
 Escrow Officers
 Real Estate Attorney
 Accountant/CPA
 Home Inspector
 Appraiser
 General Contractor
 Sub-Contractor
 Handyman
 Property Management Companies
o Absentee Owners

Re-Active Techniques
o Online Ads
 Search Engines
 Local websites
o Fliers
 Handwritten/Pre-printed
 800#/Local
o Bandit Signs
 Handwritten/Pre-printed


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