marketing for for sale by owner

marketing for for sale by owner

I live in california and i would like to target for sale by owners but i am finding them far and few between in this market

does anyone have any ideas to market to and find fsbo sellers


FSBO Finding in CA

I have picked areas that I am interested in and either done direct mailings to a neighborhood or street block using paost cards or I have paid someone (teenager or college kid) to go put mini flyers on the doors in the neighborhood. It is a great way to beat out the competition and to find some for sale by owner leads in your target areas.

my postcards are cardstock that is cut once length wise and once width to end up with 4 cards per sheet. I have paid people to hand write a short message on these crads and address them in blue ink. It stands out and gets read more times than not.

For the mini flyers/door hangers I will create a document that can be printed and cut into four pieces, whihc I then will staple to rubber bands.

The phrases on these will state I am looking to buy a house in your area, if you are interested in selling or know of someone who is, please contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX. In some cases, I will offer a referral fee for the ones that I close on.


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It is the oldest yet most effective strategy for finding fsbo properties

Your chances of finding a fsbo are better if you find it yourself as opposed to actually believing that someone who is looking to sell their home is going to see your sign on a telephone pole and say "hey this guys says he cash for my home. I think i'll sell it to him"( no disrespect to anyone who posts differently)

Take two hours out of your day, have a notebook and pen, and drive up and down whatever blocks you chose and watch how much progress you make.

Good luck to you