I'm new here and it's a GREAT site!

I'm new here and it's a GREAT site!

Hello everyone!
My name is Joey and I just joined the forum. I live in St. Marys, GA. and I have a full time job so thankfully I'm not pressed for money at the moment, just the adventure in becoming wealthy through hard work, kindness to others and treating everyone involved fairly as if it were my self needing help or some sort of service.
This is not my first time studying real estate, around ten years ago there was a guy on TV allot that I'm sure we all know (lol), and I bought his books and cassettes. With his guides I was able to get out of a double wide home that I was about to lose, with profit and buy a house on a land grant that was wroth twice as must as the double wide with 2 acres of land, with no money down. That was a great feeling. After that, I kept working 12 hr days/ nights and never used it again. Which brings me to why I'm here, I've never seen so much free material given to help people in my life! This free site alone is worth $100.00s a month! I haven't ordered Mr. Deans books yet, but you can bet I will in the next few weeks. I enjoy reading the success stories here and smile with you guys in delight at each one, not in envy but in knowing hard work will some day pay off, and you have tasted that first hand! Con grads to you all!
I've been reading here for two weeks now, learning a ton along the way! I'm not completely sure of one thing, to me a very important thing too! I need to compile a buyers list. I feel I need that first! So now I'm off to read some more and learn how!. Hope to be writing a success story of my own here one day! Thank for all the help you guys give and God bless.


First be sure your right, then go ahead...... Davy Crockett...August 17, 1786 – March 6, 1836

Welcome 112578!

Hello and Welcome,

I agree this site is absolutely wonderful. I've also been reading posts on this site and learning from others as well. I'm starting my buyer's list this week also. I've lost a lot of money over the years buying tapes, books, dvd's, etc. However, I believe Dean is the Real Thing, So now I can put money in my pocket. Yeah! I look forward to seeing you do the same. Keep coming back!!!



Awesome series of videos Dean!! It is really motivating to hear you and the
others talk of their success. I take notes after every video,read your book
every day,and check the dgsite daily. I live in an upscale resort area and
know with a little work,and some buyers and sellers put together I can make
your system work for me and not have to continue banging nails all day
everyday for the rest of my life. Thanks again Dean, and all the others
offering their secrets.


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