Social Bookmarking can bring more trafic

Social Bookmarking can bring more trafic

Have you ever heard of social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking sites allow you to save your online bookmarks and share them with others. The advantage to you as a blogger, forum poster, etc is that you can save your individual posts as bookmarks. These can subsequently be found by anyone searching for information on your topic. Good social bookmarking etiquette dictates, however, that you bookmark pages from other people, as well as your own.

Below are descriptions of just a few of the many social bookmarking sites available, so you can get an idea how they work.

This is a very popular bookmarking site, so it has a lot of users. To make sure your blog posts can be found in, just go to the link above and click the "post" link at the top. This will bring you to a page where you'll enter the address of your latest blog post into the system. While doing so, you'll want to enter a description and tags that detail the content of your post. Once posted, if anyone within searches for any of the tags you used, your blog post will come up in the search results. If your headline and description are compelling, you'll have a good chance of getting people to click through to your blog.


StumbleUpon is a world onto itself, in that it has a different model than other bookmarking sites. "Stumblers" as its users are called, are served up Web site and blog pages, based on the preferences they chose in their profile and how many people have voted for the pages they're viewing. If a Stumbler likes your page and gives it a "thumbs-up," this pushes it to the top of a list to be shown to other Stumblers. The more "thumbs" the page gets, the more people will see it. For this reason, you would only want to post original content with widespread appeal. You also would want to choose the category carefully when you submit a story. As with all other bookmarking sites, you must join to submit articles. And if you want to use StumbleUpon to view sites and blogs, you'll need their toolbar.


Digg is another popular site that gives you the ability to submit blog/Web site pages, photos, video or podcasts. The site has a user-based voting system that causes a submission rise to the top. But I've had submissions that never got a vote that still brought traffic to my blog; so don't let the lack of votes stop you from trying again. After you've joined, you can post a submission by clicking the "Submit New" link at the top of the page.

It is pretty easy to set up a blog and post your proeprties for sale or what you are looking for in properties, local news, local market trends, your tidbits of insight, some tips you have used etc and then book mark these pages in the sites listed above. There is a lot of traffic going to these website on a daily basis, it will help your blog have greater exposure and higher ranking in the search engines. You will want to book mark these blog posts with specific keywords that will pertain to what the post if about, so you are directing targetted traffic back to your blog. Ultimately, you are looking to get people to a blog, to see your information, and to contact you. You might even post youtube videos and bookmark those or post you tube videos and post the link on your blog and then book mark your blog on these social bookmarking websites.

It is just another way to gain more exposure on the internet.


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