My First Post and Desperate..Please Help

My First Post and Desperate..Please Help

After 1 year of reading the books and over-analyzing,I just had my first potential deal fall through.I need to do No money down deals by assignment contracts and/or bird-dogging,as i am coming out of a personal bankruptcy.I need to attract qualified buyers to assign my properties too. When I post my ads for buyers all i can get are persons who need land contract availability. I am in a great buyers market of South East Michigan, South of Detroit.I am desperate to find buyers for these homes.I am a little shy socially as well,which doesn't help, i just acquired a realtor who's very skeptical that this can be done.I need a mentor or business partner who can help me through my first deal also.Are any of you investors from S.E. Michigan? I feel I can get the deep discounts desired,but have no quality buyers to assign them too or find them for.Please help this is my only source for potential income right now.I'm very desperate for help and/or a potential business partner.


Out of more than 50 buyers

Out of more than 50 buyers that I build since I started with REI, only 6 of them are serious, 3 are really solid cash buyers. One thing I learned in this business (wholesaling) is not only you look for a property to assign, it is also about building a Solid Buyers List. A Deal Is not a Deal if you have no buyers.

You are in the right direction because your are trying to find buyers. You can also do it by way of making offers and at the same time building your buyers list. That will make you busy and be more motivated. List as many buyers as you can. Everything is a numbers game. Blessings to all. LA


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I keep saying it.

Find ( very easy ) a property owner that is willing to let you do a Reserve Auction on their home. September 12th will be my 2nd auction my agent and I have done, with another homeowner leaning towards it. Oh well.


Some ideas

Search assigning and bird dogging on this site.
Call we buy houses ads.(craigslist, newspaper, bandit signs)
Call for rent ads.
Put Carol Stinsons ad on craigslist.
Find a new agent.
Join a Real Estate Investment Club.
Contact Lubertha on this site. She and her partner invested in Detroit but I don't know which part.
Keep on plugging!
Tell everyone you know or meet what you are doing.


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