Finding Buyers in a specific city

Finding Buyers in a specific city

Hello DG Family,

I am pretty new to this site and I am trying to hit the ground running. It's been a rough go thus far, but I just came across a tremendous source for REO properties but their best deals are in Atlanta and I am located in California. They are willing to do Assignment of Contract deals consisting of a double closing as long as I find REAL SERIOUS buyers! Being that I am so far away from Atlanta I just wanted to get some advice as to how I should go about locating these people. Thanks for any help you can provide and good luck to you as you pursue your dreams!


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REO Bulk Buyers

We are looking for serious REO bulk buyers who purchase packages in San Joaquin area, Sacramento,Ca,and surrounding areas. We are in direct contact with a bulk REO compiler. If you are interested please contact me or if you know someone who might be interested. Thank You

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