getting started

getting started

I live in Gwinnett county Ga.& have read Dean' books, done the lessons, called some investors, spoke w/ some realtors & haven't gotten anywhere. I have been asked if I can get my money back cause the reators & investors say what I tell them can't be done. I am recently divorced & had to get into another house & my sister was gracious to help me w/20,000$ toward a dwn paymt & I desperately want to pay her back . She is retired & took the $ from her 401K. I have been at this for abot 3mos now. Please if someone outhere is in this in Gwinnet County I desperately want to hear from you if you are haveing any success. Thanks I would like to talk privately too.


Welcome DW !

Hello Darrel,

I am new to this too. I can tell you there is alot to be learned through reading the threads on this website,
so do take the time to do so.You can learn as much if not more than the books teach you (Info overload if read too fast) by individuals that begin on focusing on one or two stratagies to begin and then perfect them.

One of my favorite threads is Dominic & Kims ,another
Dawn Deans, and "the mad realestate investor".

I am a "Newbie" also but ready to get off the sidelines
and make something happen.

I wish you the best Darrel. Read rules to the website so as not to offend anyone,but you will find the best,
geniune people here on this site ready to help you live out your REI Dreams.........I think I just realized I talked myself into overcoming fears and to take action!

Good luck to both of us!

Rod / PA


Any step forward is a step in the right direction...EXPLORE !

Just do IT!

DW if it is necessary you may need to Invest outside of where you live! You will find other Investor's and like minded people that love Real Estate Investing! You have to keep moving forward even if you feel like you have been pushed backwards by others. I have been trying to get a deal closed for a year now. I stopped investing here and there in August of 08 I went to advanced Wholesaling training and paid alot of money to do this! Dean's BOOK has all of the answers you need! Keep talking to Agents, Attorneys, Title Companies, keep asking questions you will get answers!

It has always seemed to me when I get going I get stumped by something and have to rethink it! I have had three properties under contract and not assigned them yet. I have made alot of offers that have been rejected with UNNECESSARY additional Comments. Thats fine!! I just have to keep moving forward! You can too! All of this information is totally LEGAL and it works!


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Where is this dominic &

Where is this dominic & kims, dawn deans, & the mad real estate investor. What is this about?

Member Journals

From the home page, look to the listings on the left and cick on Member Journals. You can learn alot through the experiences of other DG members.


Any step forward is a step in the right direction...EXPLORE !

Hey Ilooked for these & I

Hey Ilooked for these & I can't find them . Can you help me some moe?


It sounds although you have had a rough start. You may want to see if there is a local investment club you can join. This is a good way to meet other investors and maybe find a mentor or potential other people to partner on deals with. If you can find the deals, the partners with the cash should follow. I wish you the best of luck pursuing your real estate goals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling


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Have you assembled your

Have you assembled your investment team, i.e. RE agents, buyers, attorneys, mortgage brokers, appraisers, home inspectors, birddogs. Pick a few areas and scout them out. Look for the postman in the area and use them as your birddog. Gather information and act on it. You won't open doors if you don't continue to knock on them. Good luck


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