S-Corp/LLC/book keeping

S-Corp/LLC/book keeping

Advise and encouragement needed - I'm a new-bee for sure and not sure if I have done the right thing so far. It was suggested to me by Tax Club my best bet would be to go with an S-corp before starting any deals, now of course I wonder if maybe an LLC might not have been better, any words of wisdom would be appreiciated, also I now get a call from Tax Club again to have my book keeping done for me which as some of you might already know is going to cost me some more out of the pocket money, question is I have seen people that have done this buisness and did very well saying they had no money, did they just do the buisness without any Corperation or book keeping help and is that the norm, sorry for the drawn out questions, just alot coming my way it seems-----thanks



I buy a property to hold then definitely run it under a corp ? But when you are just turning the coin...Birding dogging,Assigning and fliping! Take the chance and get the deal done so you will have the funds you will need to keep doing business! First chance get your liability insurance and on top of that get a secondary liability insurance to cover the first policy. I always can pay my taxes but i cannot keep someone from suing me.
No money down means
(a)Use somebodys money to do the deal
(b)Use your money and get it back