I'm so close! what piece is missing?

I'm so close! what piece is missing?

Hello DG community! Since reading Dean's book 1 month ago I have already formed an LLC, have business cards, website is up and running, #800 is set up. I feel like I have everything in place. I'm at the starting line, but which way do I run? What am I missing still? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


On Your Mark...

I'm almost there too and at first it was all information overload and really confusing!

Real Estate Marketing

Business Cards - VISTA Print - Just pay for shipping

MEDIA: Needs to be completed?
Freebie Newspaper Ads
Minor Newspaper Ads
Newspaper Weekend Edition Ads
FSBO Magazines
Legal Newspapers
TV Guide/Newspapers

Promotional Materials: later when you can afford it
Note Pads

Paper Signs
Bandit Signs
Door Hangers
Bulletin Boards
Property Brochures
Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Expired MLS Listings - See your Real Estate Agent Team Member
Open Houses
Title Companies

Local Employers
Rent-to-Own Stores
Your Existing Occupants

Door-to-door Canvassing

PLACES TO HIT: for your flyers and such
Grocery Store/Wal-mart
Flower Carts
Bus Stop
Adopt a Street Sign
Car Washes
Mail Center
Community Business Organizations
Chamber of Commerce
Real Estate Auctions

TV Ads/Commercial - cost
Special TV Programming - cost
Radio Ads -cost
Billboards - cost
Walking Billboards - through Worksource@minimum wage you've seen the pizza guys right?

Sponsor Sports Team
Sponsor an Event
Charitable events
Charitable Raffles
Host a Charitable Function
Local Churches
Weekly Hotels
Vehicles Wraps
White Vehicle Lettering
Club Membership Bulletin Board
Yellow Pages
Free Gift Advertizing
Cooperative (Co-Op) Advertising

these are just some ideas that were previously posted and you start out low cost/cheap and work your way up the line. Like buying your first car and working up to the lotus LOL! I found out today that I could actually make a several phone calls and not go into panic attacks.

Best of luck and don't forget we are all here to support you.

Bill G.


Never Give Up, Never Surrender!


Bill just gave you a good bunch of things to consider, great work. What kind of deal are you looking to do? Do you have an agent to work with yet, that can get sticky sometimes, but don't go into panic mode. Have you joined an REI club yet, if not I would do that just to talk with other investors, get your feet wet and network with other people who are trying to do the same thing. REI clubs are a great way to get free info and make valuable contacts. Well you have enough on your plate right now, good luck and get going...Jan


Thanks! Bill for your insight. Like Jan said this list is more than enough to point me in the right direction. I am going to submit an offer on a house two doors down from me. i plan to use a hard money loan to close quickly then refinance it to pull out enough cash and still have positive cash flow on the rental. does this strategy sound good? i will submit an offer of 60% ARV using the HML to close quickly. Once I get the house I plan to refinance it for 80% FMV and pocket the difference. What do you think?

Thanks again Bill and Jan for your help!


Just make sure you are well aware of the cost to close with HML's. Make sure the appraisal will bring the house in at the price you need to refi. Your thinking is right on, just cover all your bases before you move on this. Do your due dilligence to make sure every question is asked and answered. Good luck, you are on your way....Jan

first offer

Thanks Jan! I am going to have my agent submit the offer Monday. Am I supposed to get an accepted offer then get the HML or get the HML contingent on an accepted offer?

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