The incredible opportunity for real estate investing

The incredible opportunity for real estate investing

The incredible opportunity for real estate investing just “keeps on keeping on”. There will be an end to it, some day. But, the end is not now

Of course, the media will exaggerate the negative of the last reported month, which will only serve to depress the market a bit longer. It’s been decades since there has been such an incredible opportunity for the ‘Buy and Hold’ or ‘Cash Flow’ investor, but only where there is a decent job market!

As you probably know, the commercial market has been tending to follow in the steps of where the SFR market has been. There are beginning to be some tremendous buys (with beautiful seller-financing terms) in the commercial real estate arena. It’s a good to watch for macro trends and is reported by Standard & Poor’s at:

e the housing market is showing signs of stabilization from a three year losing streak.Over the summer home prices began to rebound on a month over month basis, however since the summer buying season came to an end the housing market has started to lose momentum. This is really a function of a generally slow winter home buying season.
Blitzer says: "On balance, while these data do show that home prices are far more stable than they were a year ago, there is no clear sign of a sustained, broad-based recovery.”

Not trying to highlight weakness as much call attention to the perception of recovery vs. the perception of stabilization buuuuuut...
Relative to the speed and extent the housing market rose and fell, not much progress has been made towards a recovery, just a stabilization from free fall. While we are encouraged to see home prices rebounding from a rapid slowdown, we are still searching for confidence that the spring buying season will be as bright as many believe. Continually high delinquency rates, failed loan modifications, and uptick in foreclosures are the main argument against an evolving positive forward looking outlook for housing prices.



I liked reading your article. I am excited some homes and make money before the market does get better again. It does feel like an incredible opportunity for real estate investing.