Is anyone have problems with the site? I can't get it to do anything for me . Everytime i put a state in it says that it encountered a problem. Also having trouble with forclosueralert any help would be greatfull


total view...

the only times I've had "encountered a problem" is when there may be a problem with the address -- that's what I assume has been the glitch. seems if you are looking at a property located in a rural area there may not be any available data there....

on the other...I can't help you there.


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totalview website

total view is working for me
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It hasn't worked for me

I've tried several times, & it just sits there loading until I get an error
that site can't be found or something...these are addresses that come up fine with Zillow. Technology is a wonderful thing, when it works. We were so looking forward to getting to wholesale properties with some kind of automated system ... I think we'll have to stick to the old fashion way of buying, rehabbing, & flipping.

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