I live in a rural community in KY and i'm having a hard time finding (money)-investors. My question is, is their anyone out there that lives in an area like this , and having the same problems and if so what are you doing to over come it . Because we all know with out investors you are stuck., and my credit STINKS. Think you for advise in advance .


That's the wonderful thing....

about the internet! You have the ability - regardless of where you live - to be in contact with $$ anywhere in the world.
There are a LOT of articles on here that talk about private $$ lenders, hard $$ lenders, transactional funding, etc. -- just take the time to check it'll find some answers.

WHERE you are in today's world has no bearing on where you CAN go!



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Are you referring to cash

Are you referring to cash buyers for your buyer's list or actual financing for deals? Our town does not have many cash buyers either so we are looking to the next city about 30 miles away and we are also planning to do lease options in our town.



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