Need help with Deal in Galveston, TX

Need help with Deal in Galveston, TX

Hello Fellow Investors,

I was recently contacted by a seller in Galveston,TX. She has a home worth 412k based on comparables, but I am in Florida, so I cannot eval the deal for repairs or current market in Galveston. I'm looking for a trustworthy investor to help me eval to see if this is a good deal for Galveston, the property has 80k+ equity if the value is 412k.

Any help is appreciated, I'm looking to assign the property for 5k. Thank you for your help.

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what do you need

espana i'm live in houston how can i help you.

I have a seller the home is

I have a seller the home is worth around 412k, the owner wants 325k. LTV 70% is 289k.

I don't know the Galveston market enough to say the contract price we have at 325k is good enough for me to assign to a buyer for 5k and for them to be able to sell at a higher price. Are houses selling in Galveston? I can negotiate the price further with her, but I would like to find an interested buyer first. Can you help?