I Found My First Piece of Property....Now What??

I Found My First Piece of Property....Now What??

Hi, All.

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I just found my first piece of property that I will do my research on then find a buyer. Here is my dilemma:

The property is a vacant house, with a "House For Sale" sign in front (no Contact Number). I want to get inside so that I can see what work needs to be done. Finding the owner should not be a problem. However, I want to know the best way to approach the owner without me sounding like I am making some kind of deal yet.

Thanks for all your advice!


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Your walking backwards my friend. You should have a buyers list in place before you go thru the prop, unless you know of someone in the market for this type of prop.
I am not understanding what you are saying about not making it look like you are making a deal. You are not bound by anything for just looking at the house, but anyway it is always good to let the seller know who you are and what you are doing. Heck, I'm proud when I tell sellers that I am a REI.....Jan

Doesn't hurt to ask


It doesn't hurt to ask! You may find a desperate seller! If they don't have contact information, they mat not be getting a lot of calls. They may have talked to a lot of people already, so you are just "one more interested person" and they won't mind telling you their asking price, contract options, etc. If they ask you why you are interested, you just say "I'm just asking questions right now."

But I agree with Jan- until you find a buyer, you can't get down to "brass tacks" of making an offer.


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Thanks Andrew

Thanks for the backup. Just trying to save Dave a bunch of steps. Love his energy though, ready to go right out of the box!!!...Jan

dharper79, Like Jan said,

dharper79, Like Jan said, Not sure what you mean when you say: "You want to contact the owner, but you dont want the owner to think that your making some kind of deal yet? WHAT!?!? Shocked I dont understand this? This is EXACTLY what we do; MAKE DEALS!

You NEED to get intouch with this homeowner and give him/her a Quick Pitch of what you do and how you can SOLVE THIER PROBLEM(of course once you figure out what thier problem is, first). There are Several ways to get intouch with this homeowner: #1 Call them by going to a Reverse Directory Web Site and typing in the Address. #2 If it looks like it's thier Primary Residence, send them a Letter(A Professional Letter, that is). So, there you have it, pick an option and let us know how you make out, SULLY



Thanks for all your responses.

First I must apologize. My mistake was using the term "deal". I meant "offer".

I will most likely contact the owner via letter since my research turned up that the owner of the property is some sort of Trust. Also, the only address for the owner is a PO Box.

I will draft a letter and post that for feedback from anyone before I send it.




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Ok Dave

now you are on the right track. But don't forget to get your buyers list started, Ok?....Jan

Here is A Draft Letter For Owner


I was able to get the address of the owner, who does not live on the property. Below, I have drafted a letter that I want to send, but I would like your feedback and input.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Dear Property Owner,

My name is REI, and I purchase property for investment. It has come to my attention that your parcel of property, located at XXX Any Street, is for sale.

If this is not the case, I apologize for the intrusion. If this is the case, I am contacting you to let you know that I would like to view your house in order to see how best it will fit into my inventory.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further, in person or on the phone. I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Best Regards,


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finding investors or individuals to purchase

I have been researching and studying Dean's strategies for a while. I am interested in beginning my REI by finding investors and or individuals to purchase properties that I find at a discount, particularly distressed properties. Where do I find these people?