260ARV Purchase 99,500k.....just found this..

260ARV Purchase 99,500k.....just found this..

Plan on executing back to back close..

260,000 ARV
40,000 end buyer profit
7,000 closing
7,000 hold
30,000 repairs(high balled)
5,100 private money use
20,000 my profit
150,900 top offer

Wondering if anything major wrong with property...haven't physically inspected property yet..Last time I had a deal that seemed way too good to be true, it was! Tons of water and mold damage...I think these numbers are pretty good and I have potential buyer for this area and price...Keep fingers crossed for me....Have not slept and have midterm this morning....not enough hours in the day, but when I see numbers like this I wake right up! Keep you guys posted.

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