House Swap In Craigslist

House Swap In Craigslist

Quick Question (Maybe) Got Dean's books 4 days ago and absolutely devoured them. Actually my husband ordered them, and I figured what the hell - might as well try - don't have anything else going for us... Anyway I have been reading the forums, and posting to Craigslist....Which is an AWESOME housing find.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here has had success connected sellers and buyers that are on Craigs list - because add that element to Dean's words...and let's just say I have been awake for more than I care to be cuz I'm trying to get going on this....




Many people have been very effective at leveraging Craigslist, especially with building buyers lists.

Try this: Craigslist

and this:

Craigslist Buyers List

Hey Narissa...

The best dates to post on CL are Tues & Thurs between 1-3 or 7-9pm. Try one ad for a couple of weeks and if nothing happens tweak it or try another one until your phone starts ringing. Then do it religiously. That's important! You have to keep marketing to be successful.

Hope this helps!


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