Golf Course Deal

Golf Course Deal

Hi, I am new to this. I have yet to finish the book. However I have come across a family member who wants to sell a golf course. This is a beautiful deal. With a beautiful 18 hole golf course with a newer bar and restaurant with pro-shop. Now the best part is that it has over 100 building lots to be developed most on the course. I am thinking about doing a 45 day contract. Then finding an investor to sell it to.
Any thoughts or advise on this deal.

Thanks in advance,


This is a BIG nut! Golf

This is a BIG nut! Golf courses are very difficult to make profitable for a few is the poor economy, all course business is down. Another is competition for the golfing dollars among other, local courses.

The price also makes it a real niche market. I'm not saying you can't or that it won't work but you really need to do your homework on this one.


I hear what your saying. Actually they do have a college contract. So business is so so for a GC. However the main upside is the 107+ building lots. If you only made 25k per lot thats 2.6+ million. I might do a sealed bid auction.


That is all it is...A great deal with proper zoning,Meaning good development!
Good REI see the things nobody else pays the time too. Zoning can take a few years even if it can be zoned to your idea?


Is there an A2 survey (plot

Is there an A2 survey (plot plan)

Are the lot's already approved?
If so, why are they selling without doing the development?


I will double check on zoning. I do think all of this has been plotted and approved. He has plotted lot papers all drawn up. Been planning and plotting for years.

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