getting going

getting going

hello everyone,
My name is Robert Escobedo just recently i have really been getting into this site and reading what everyone has to say and offer. I love it.

with everyones help my goal is to make somehting happen within the next 30 days I finished ready both of Deans books been keppig up with the emails and all the stories. I have read so much all the diffrent ways to get started what do you all suggest I do to start??? I have good credit and some cash to start.

I will be setting up an 800 number here within the next few days and get going on that???

my goal is to make some cash with in the next 30 days and then start buying and holding properties to rent and have cash flow.



My suggestions to read Deans books 2 or 3 times and start putting your buyer and seller lists together. Good luck on your deals !

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy


welcome to DG camp. God Bless with your REI endeavors.


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Welcome! Good luck on your

Welcome! Good luck on your deals! If you have some money to use you might consider short sales.


Success and Nothing Less!


I agree with Paul. Buyers list is very important, go listen to the conference call of June 18th. a buyers list is like shopping with money in your back pocket, because when you get a house under contract you'll know you can sell it.

good luck and all the best to you.



Hi Robert,
Just a note to say welcome aboard! This is by far the greatest opportunity out there. The site is amazing! You'll find most question answered here. Much success to you.........Lubertha



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