working with a realtor/ buyers

working with a realtor/ buyers

ok so i had a realtor i talked to about 3 months ago it was really nothing. now that i have been reading deans books and on this site reading all the topics i came in contact with him again. and after telling him my plan and he was amazed at how much i know, i really didnt think anything i was reading made sence or what i was going to do but i took ACTION and now he is calling me asking me where i got all this information from and how do i know about creative financing not only that but by posting ads on craigslist i have an investor calling me who wants 10-15 homes and a few hours later i got a call from a guy who can sell me homes below FMV so i can now be the middle man and assign I have not made a deal yet but I feel it coming soon on a positive not I got my rental rented out with $170.00 cash flow per month.

thank you all

***********take action************


sounds good.

let me know how the assignments go cause that's what i'm looking to do but haven't figured out how. From what I understand, it's not so easy to do in Cali.


Needs some serious motivation...Should i contact agents with short sales or the sellers themselves, Have the address but only agent's number.

thats awesome news! keep up

thats awesome news! keep up the good work!


Success and Nothing Less!

CL ad

What did you say in you CL ads? I've posted some and haven't really gotten much response.

I love it!

Way to go! Convince people that you know what you are doing, and they will want to work with you.

Wish you much success, Al



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