TO GUIDE ME on my 1st goal to get some IEE going . It would be greatly appreciated, and i know there is Dean's Academy but i want to make my 1st deal soon with anyone willing to help me out please. Im on the verge of tears, since i don't have any money to join Dean's Academy now, but wish to after my first deal when i have the funds to do so. Please anyone, would you help me get started in this business NOW? Thank you so much for your time, and God Bless!!!



Hi Andrew,
Congratulations on joining the greatest opportunity by far. The first thing Dean suggest is to start building your buyers list. Did you recieve the book? Having the book and using the forum to post any concerns can help greatly. Using the search engine can help bring up past post's on most subjects. Get familiar with all the tools given on this site. Most of all keep the Faith on this journey. Your in the right place and the right time. With an amazing support system. Establish your goals and go forth. You can do this! Continued success........Lubertha



Andrew I have tools that might help you

Hi Andrew and welcome. I am new too. By reading the different Forums there were tools given meaning websites to help. There are great people here willing to help anyone here. I hope you find these tools to be helpful as well. I wish I could remember what forum this information was given.

I have read his book and I am still learning the ropes. Speaking with Realtors help too. Business cards goto Barnes and Noble, Borders and other bookstores even Wal-Mart place your business cards in opportunity magazines and foreclosure books or in the business sections in book stores and I find this to be helpful too. I have done this and people asking more info. I don't think I am doing anything illegal by just inserting business in books as long as I am not damaging the books. Place ads on your local Television/Radio station website for free too. God Bless you and I am praying for your success as well as everyone here. Take care. Tom

Welcome aboard Andrew, Like

Welcome aboard Andrew,

Like everyone else has said: Read the books, Read the forums and build your buyers list. I know it is not the easiest thing to do but the hardest part is making yourself just do it. That was my hardest part. I haven't made any deals yet, but I am making contact with sellers and have made two offers so far. One was turned down, the other still waiting to hear. Going to go look at 3 properties tomorrow morning. All three were inherited by a guy very eager to get rid of them. He called me today wanting to know if I was still interested. Anyway, enough about that. You can do it!



First and far most, take a deep breath. You're making all the right moves by coming to Dean's site and asking for help. You're already in the top 5% of people who "DO" and don't "just talk".

You need to get out there and go see some houses. Go find out what houses are worth in the area which you want to do business in. When you can drive down a certain neighborhod and know what homes are selling for, you are ahead of the game. The reason why is becuase you'll immedatly know when a good/great deal is presented to you.

Step by step my man. You can do this, we're all here for you.


hello fellow investors!

i'm a newbie still and there are certain terms that i've heard but not sure what they mean, that being the word "PROBATE". I'd appreciate a simple definition.....thank you,


Probate is when someone has

Probate is when someone has unfortunately passed to the other side and their home is then considered to be in probate. I am currently looking at 3 properties that are in probate. I am sure there is a better definition out there, but thats basicly what it is.

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