Found a House!!!!!

Found a House!!!!!

I found this house through my realtor it is a REO they are asking 110,000 and I'm thinking of offering 60,000 It needs about 35,000 work and comps in area sell between 140 - 220 so I hope they will accept my offer. And I can get it under contract. I will keep everyone updated on the progress.

I just wanted to say thanks to all the DG family members who have given me some great advice on my journey to my new life. I hope all works out for everyone on this site and would love to do great things with anyone who would love to team up.

If anyone has any Ideas as well on how I can really lock this deal in i would be greatly appreciative. Well wish me luck have a great day!!!!!

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A Chance Worth Taking


Only You stand in your way!!!! Get out of the way!!!!


Good luck low balling

if your realtor will offer below list your making offers. The good deals are typically getting multiple offers at and above list. Getting the best offer the soonest is not closing the sale. The banks are buried in offers and can pick what they want. Now the deals that are not MLS or bank owned are where your creative finance is.

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